Decentralized*Distributed device management with transparent network encryption.Configureless encrypted and authenticated connections underpinning the network

Boxen CLI Demo

Demo realism status: Not fully realised. Work-in-progress.

- Manage your devices without any 3rd party services.

- Human-readable names without DNS.Distributed pet names using GNS.

- Built using the secure-by-default p2p framework GNUnet.


BoxenAn alternative pluralisation of "box" is our CLI tool for adding, managing, and interfacing with your devices.

ToastBread not included is the name of our IoT distribution. You can find prebuilt images on our downloads page.

Toast is based on OpenWrt. This is an embedded Linux with a long history of use with routers, though not confined to that application. OpenWrt is well-suited for general embedded usage, and officially supports non-router devices such as NAS appliances, and various single-board-computers. Much of the foundation of this project is thanks to the work and assistance of Daniel Golle. He maintains the OpenWrt port of GNUnet among several other packages.


- Integrate more directly with GNUnet

- Implement remote shell directly over CADET

- Create a PSYC-based messaging daemon

- Create a graphical interface (GUI)

supported by

NLnet Foundation